One Day I Will be the Crazy Lady in the Nursing Home Screaming, “Squirrel!”

Posted: August 13, 2013 in humor, writing

So for starters.  I know I am blogging very randomly this week, but it is just one of those weeks.

After spending many hours in the ER last Friday and enduring blood tests, a CT scan and an EKG, they determined I am just very stressed.  So, I need to get a grip on dealing with the stress in my life.  I seemed to be doing pretty well until this morning.

I went to bed very happy last night.  Nice and calm, fully expecting a peaceful nights sleep.  That did not happen.  Let me go back a few months and tell you about the squirrel.  We have had squirrels in the ceiling for months and the apartment maintenance has worked very hard to get rid of the little critters.  Anyway, one day there was a leak in the ceiling over the tub.  Maintenance came over and cut a square out, fixed the leak in the upstairs neighbors tub and said he needed to give it a a day or two to dry out.  So I was using the bathroom and looked up from the toilet and saw a squirrel watching me.  I screamed and the squirrel screamed and my friend heard the commotion and asked what was wrong.  I told him and he laughed.  Now here is the scenario for today.  I went to bed happy but thunderstorms came and kept me up for an hour.  Took an extra hour to get back to sleep.  I stay with my friend who is disabled.  I usually give him his pill case before bed so he doesn’t wake me up and ask me to get it for him, but I was so happy when I went to bed I forgot to give it to him.  So he had to wake me up and ask for his medication.  I got up and got it for him.  It took a while to get back to sleep.  He then woke me to say that he thought he heard a leak in the bathroom.  So I got up again and checked and sure enough, there was an 8 inch crack in the ceiling and water was leaking into and onto the toilet.  Well, when people wake up, they generally need to use the bathroom.  I am no different.  So I had to wipe off the toilet and sit there while holding a bucket on my head to catch the water.  ughhhhhhh  Once I was done, I stormed back over to my bed and huffed.  My friend called maintenance and then asked if I was okay.  I said, “No.  No, I am not okay.  One day I am going to be in a nursing home and they are going to call me the crazy lady.  Because every time I go to the bathroom I will sit on the toilet and have to hold a bucket on my head with one hand and point above the tub with the other while shouting, ‘SQUIRREL!'”

My friend laughed and laughed and laughed.

I do hope I will have no more excitement and can just go back to our normal blogging schedule on Friday.

I also hope I made you smile and maybe even giggle.

  1. Donald Cott says:

    That was a quite humorous tale. All the makings of a good book. I can just picture you sitting on the toilet with a bucket on your pretty head. the squirrel made me think of the movie UP when the dog was talking to the guy and said SQUIRREL. Embrace craziness. It keeps us young at heart and the “normal” people away or at least guessing what we will do.

  2. I had to tweet your post with a hashtag regarding Up movie. I am so sorry you had to endure that, but I guess God only gives us what HE thinks we can handle, and in your case… it might accompany a GREAT sense of humor. I hope you able to find peace and not continue to be stressed.

  3. John says:

    The squirrels I’ve Gota laugh, that’s whatyou get in the nursing home for hearing voices, real name seroquel, but squirrels they get called, makes the story so funny to actually hear about squirrels, ie seroquel lol made my day hahaha. J

  4. nurseshauna says:

    Hahaha!! Fantastic! I have worked in a nursing home and actually had a patient that would yell every time a nurse walked in the room (it wasn’t squirrel) but he was always happy, smiling and laughing despite that voice. Go figure, he was such a gentleman, so kind, a good soul. He lived a full life…just had an interesting way of greeting his caregivers.

    Don’t worry, if you do end up there one day, you’ll fit right in. 😉

    Looking forward to more–glad I found you this morning.

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