Facebook As Part Of A Writer’s Platform…Do or Don’t

Posted: September 14, 2013 in encouragement, writing

I have been on Facebook for a couple months now to help build my writer’s platform.  It has its advantages as well as disadvantages, its pros and its cons, its positives and its negatives.

Some of the good things are meeting other, more experienced writers.  Some are so kind and offer advice freely.  There are writers with blogs that show case new authors to help get their name out.  I have a children’s book under my real name.  A very kind couple has been featuring authors this month on their blog called Behind the Books.  http://www.endurance9.com/blog.html  I coincided my campaign on Amazon, where I listed my book for free, for five days, on Kindle.  The day the blog ran, I had people from all over the world download my book.  It was amazing!  Another positive is meeting the future readers of your books.  They love the teasers and give feedback.  That is very important to us writers.

Now, the cons.  There are a lot of people out there who have no interest in your book at all.  Some are there to run scams, so you never give out personal information.  You only talk about your book or books.  Some are there to try to pick you up.  They couldn’t care less about you as a writer.  They just want to ‘hook up’.  And boy can they be rude when you refuse to give your real name or telephone number or email address.  I have heard other writers complain of inappropriate pictures, too.  Thank goodness I have not had to experience those.  You learn to block pretty quickly.  If not, you will get a headache from the feel of being groped and mauled via the internet.  Then you gotta stop writing so you can go take a shower and wash off all the ick.  Not really, but you get what I am saying.

The other con, Facebook likes to block us from our pages.  In the writer community, we see a new writer on the scene and we want to welcome them with open arms, but if you send friend requests, you get blocked.  Facebook then wants a copy of drivers license with your picture and Facebook name on it.  Well, a lot of us have pseudonyms, so that can be real tricky to figure out.  It can get very complicated.

But in the end it is worth all the hassle to meet people just like you.  Some more experienced and others that are newer than you.  But we all help each other and understand each other in a way that only writers can comprehend.  It lets us know we are far from alone.

So there you go.  To Facebook or not to Facebook.  That is the question.  I choose to Facebook.  I have come to love my Facebook family.

Until next Friday, I bid you farewell.

  1. Facebook is a nice place to meet, greet, and share – as long as it doesn’t consume too much of your day. You soon learn which people you want to configure as Friends ==> Settings ==> All Updates and which you want off your news feed completely. I have found and shared a lot of useful information with my author friends.

  2. Ariel Stone says:

    Interesting post. I’m new to the whole ‘platform thing’ & appreciate all the advice & insight those with more experience can give me. Appreciate the share. 🙂

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