Comments Can Make Or Break. Choose Them Wisely…

Posted: September 27, 2013 in encouragement, positivity

Since getting back on Facebook under my psuedonym, I couldn’t help but notice something.  I have people on my friends list who are incredibly positive and uplifting.  They are supportive of your goals and dreams, no matter how big or small.  Someone posts that they want to try a new dish for dinner and the cheerleaders are out, ‘you can do it!’, ‘never know until you try!’ and ‘let us know how it turns out!’.  I love those people.  And if you think they are amazing when you post something small you want to try, you should see them when you post about wanting to write a book or learn to fly a plane.  These are the kind of people I want to model myself after.  I want to make others feel as wonderful as they make me feel.

I also noticed that there are incredibly negative people on there too, though.  You post a picture of that meal you attempted.  It tasted really good and you thought it was a success.  But here come the bashers, ‘I hope it tastes better than it looks’, ‘eww  I guess that one wasn’t a success’.  Then you feel terrible.  Even if 10 people come on and say nice things, you can’t help but feel embarrassed that you even posted the picture.  I don’t know if they understand how poorly they can make people feel with their negative comments.  It is unkind and unnecessary.

I honestly feel that to become a success, we need to surround ourselves with positive people.  And that is why I will be promptly blocking any negative people that I encounter on Facebook.  I may not be able to block the negative in my real life, but I sure as hell can keep the hateful people at bay in Facebook land.

That is my rant for today.  Now….let’s bring on the love and spread it around!

Until next Friday, I bid you farewell.

  1. Donald Cott says:

    One thing that I’ve learned in one of my many lessons in life is that one cannot shield oneself from negativity. For everyone that you leave behind five (5) follow soon behind. However, one can channel the negativity into positivity by your response. For example in the new dinner dish. The one that said it was a failure you should say that he/she should try it before judging it and here is the recipe.

    Always shoulder the load of other’s burdens. I kind word can end any argument. Remember friends are always there for you. Our parents always said to never talk to strangers. Yet I have learned that a friend is a stranger you haven’t met yet. If you respond to each negative comment with a pleasant comment. True friends will eventually start to respond with positive comments with time. Others will eventually stop commenting or leave you alone on their own terms. Let them leave they were never friends.

    You can never please every one so please yourself and eventually you will have friends that will never leave you.

    • ryterrong says:

      I have had many people who are argumentative, tenacious and live to hurt others. They thrive off leaving negative comments. I always give them the benefit of the doubt, but if they continue I will block them. Life is too short to try to correct people with unpleasant agendas. I do not believe I should have to continue to fight unkind words with kind ones, to try to get people to back off. I would never get any writing done or any work done if I lived that way. I agree with the old adage…one time shame on you, two times shame on me. There does not need to be a third time and there will not be. Because they will be blocked. Thank you for your opinion though.

      • Donald Cott says:

        I do agree with the adage that you quoted. Too many times to count I too have had the “unpleasant agendas happen to me. And when despite the pleasantness and the ability to correct them with it fails continuously I simply state that I never thought of your situation like that before. Then I walk away. I now remember what one person told me and never understood it until about 10 years ago. It’s hard to argue with yourself. Only a handful of people return to remain friends when I end their attempts to continue with negativity and even fewer that have changed. However, I have ended the unpleasantness under my own terms and with pleasantness. If only I had learned that lesson sooner my life would probably be different and with fewer demons of the past haunting my thoughts now.

        Perhaps Mel Gibson said it best in one of the Lethal Weapons movies. “Smile, Big Smile.”

      • ryterrong says:

        I understand where you are coming from. And your mention of Lethal Weapon makes me think of another saying I heard. I am going to modify it just a big though….”Dealing with unpleasant people is on my Murtaugh list.” hehe Quoted from How I Met Your Mother. 😀

      • Donald Cott says:

        I love movie and TV quotes. Yours was just what was needed at the moment for me.

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