You can find inspiration in any thing…

Posted: October 12, 2013 in encouragement, inspiration, writing


You can find inspiration in any thing.  Look at the leaf I found in the parking lot today.  It told me that Mother Nature loves me.  When hurricane Irene blew in, I looked out the sliding glass door and watched in awe.  I remembered being a little girl and seeing the wind blow and finding myself in need of her presence.  I would walk outside and close my eyes and feel her wrap around me, then just as quickly, pulling away.  I would open my eyes and chase her.  As a child, I wanted her to hug me again.  As an adult, I missed feeling Mother Nature play with me.  I chose to go to her.  Walking out into the storm, the warm rain pouring over me, I opened my arms and beckoned her to accept this dance.  My eyes closed, the darkness all around, the rain washing over me, I could feel Irene pull me close and twirl me around.  She came and accept my offer.  She danced with me.  We whirled and twirled to the music made by the leaves, wind and rain.  I danced until there was nothing left of me, not one more drop of energy to share with my blessed Irene.  She eased her grip and allowed me to retreat, spent and satisfied.  I will always remember my dance with Irene.

I hadn’t really thought much about Irene since that day.  Tho today, I was out and about in a parking lot.  I saw this leaf and it made me smile, it was a message from Mother Nature, a message from Irene.  My heart warmed over and thought, “I love you, too.  We will always have that dance.”

So, just remember, you can find inspiration in any thing.  Watch for the obvious and surely you will see what I mean.

Until next Friday, I bid you farewell.  x

  1. Love the photo! Your inspirational blog is just what I needed to start my weekend.

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  3. cambourisfam says:

    Just love it.. It is all around. Keep in touch.

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