Hashtag, Urban Dictionary and Blue Oyster Cult (Will Ferrell)

Posted: October 19, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Today I am writing a mish mash of my thoughts for the week.  

First, hastags…I have a love hate relationship with the little buggers.  I did’t like them, because they got on my nerves.  People write a clear message and then stick that little guy with a synopsis of that message afterward.  That drove me nuts.  It’s like reading the back cover of a book after I already read the book.  Just made no sense to me.  But recently I learned that there is a method to that madness.  When I post something on Facebook or in my blog, it goes on over to my twitter.  And when there is a hashtag attached, it pulls up my tweet, should anyone put in a search for things listed in my hashtag.  Ohhhhhhhh  Well, okay then.  I will stop being so stubborn and avoiding the inevitable.  #HashtagsNecessaryForFindingTweets

Second thing of the day.  I have a precious friend who is always so funny.  She posted the Urban Dictionary definition of her first name.  So I went on and read it.  Then I put in Ryter Rong and it said there was no definition for that word/words.  And it asked me if I would like to submit a definition.  So I did!  And guess what?  They actually accepted it!  Go search Urban Dictionary for Ryter Rong and see what comes up.  😉  That was so fun!

And my last thought for the day, my third thought.  I am considering this time in my life, the age of enlightenment.  I keep learning new things and today I learned this…Here is a conversation between me and my friend.  I was listening to pandora on the computer and I heard a song come on.  I listened.  I had never heard it on pandora or the radio but I knew that song…somehow.

Me:  Why does this song remind me of Will Ferrell?

Friend:  Because you have a fever and the only cure is…more cowbell.

Me:  (Laughing, now remembering that awesome skit from SNL) So, it’s a real group?!

Friend:  Yes.  (shaking his head) They were mocking a real group and a real song.

Me:  (So stunned by this new revelation)  I had no idea.  wow…

Friend:  You and the age of enlightenment.  (he laughed)

So apparently there is a real Blue Oyster Cult and they sing a real song called Don’t Fear The Reaper and they really play a cowbell in it!  Now I gotta find Will Ferrell…his skit is my favorite!  

Until next Friday, I bid you farewell.  x



  1. Love that pic…hashtag…lol and when I get a fever there’s only one cure, more cow bell.

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