My Moving Moment For The Week <3

Posted: October 25, 2013 in encouragement, heartbreak, history

Today I am writing about something I experienced this week.  I have lived in the same apartment for 4 years and gone to the same Walmart store for the same amount of time.  I love living here and I am sad to be leaving.  Sometimes circumstances dictate where we go and what we do, or at least heavily influence our decisions.  At this point in my life, moving is the right thing to do, though it weighs heavy on my heart.  I did some last minute things this week that I will never experience again.  Things I love.  I visited old New Castle and took pictures of some of the beautiful historic buildings and then on to the waterfront.  It is so wonderfully peaceful there.  While I was there I met a homeless man who told me all of the sites, barely visible just across the river.  I saw beauty in the sun on the water and shining through the trees.  I will post pictures of some of these things.  I closed my eyes and felt the strong wind blow across me, took in the scent of the water, listened to the seagulls and felt the warmth of the sun on my face.  I could feel my heart breaking and sadness engulfing my soul.  Later in the week I would go visit my favorite Irish Pub and talk with the bartender who I just adore.  She is amazing, kind and funny.  Just a lovely lovely woman.

Last thing on my list was Walmart.  There is an elderly greeter at the door there.  When I come in, even in a crowd, he pushes his way to me, takes my hands and kisses them.  He says I am his beautiful Swedish princess and he makes me feel so special.  It doesn’t matter if I am dolled up or no makeup and sweats, he greets me with the same enthusiasm.  I knew I needed to tell him I am moving.  Four years we have danced this dance and now it must end.  I came in the door and he ran to me, kissed my hands and said how much he has missed me.  I told him I was sorry but I would not be coming back as I am moving across the country.  Tears welled up in his eyes, the lines ever present in his face, covered in a soft white beard.  He placed his hands gently on the sides of my face and said, “I need one kiss from my beautiful Swedish princess before she is gone forever.”  And he gently pressed his lips to mine.  Then he hugged me and said how much he will miss me.  I assured him that the feeling is mutual and I left, his sad eyes following me.

Moving is so hard when you grow to love a place and the people within it.  But moving is what I need to do.  My time in this place is over and a new adventure lies ahead.

Until next Friday, I bid you farewell.  x


  1. Donald Cott says:

    I just wanted to wish you a safe journey home. I’m sure that with all the mixed emotions your are quite anxious for the next chapter in life’s journey. Godspeed.

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