End of Chapter Bucket List…

Posted: November 15, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Well, I do believe I am ready for the move.  I think, maybe, kinda feel like I am gonna hurl at the moment.  But in a few more minutes I will be smiling and in a few more I will be sad.  Regardless of the mix of emotions, I do believe I am ready for the move.  When I made the first of two moves, I had a bucket list, so to speak.  It is a list of last minute things I wanted to experience before I leave this state and head to another.  Considering they are 1500 miles apart, I figured I should do what I need to do before I get settled on the final frontier.  Actually I have taken this last year to prepare and hit all I can on that list.  I have even exceeded some of the things that I wished to do, but wasn’t sure I would ever be able to do.

I got to visit Philly and experience some of the things there.  I saw the cracked Liberty Bell, the Titanic Exhibit at the Franklin Institute and try cheese steaks from Pat’s and Gino’s.  I wasn’t impressed and even prefer my cheese steaks from Delaware.  Two nights ago I tried cheese steaks from a place called Cappriotti’s and that won hands down!  THOSE are the best cheese steaks.  I got to experience New York City on New Year’s Eve!  I got to look out at New York City from the Top of the Rock!  It was windy that night.  As my hair whipped around in the air and the chill engulfed me, I found that I didn’t mind the cold.  I was warmed by the sights of the lights all around, even the Empire State Building had colorful lights that danced before my eyes.  The city was still decorated with beautiful Christmas colors.  Oh and the tree in Rockefeller Center!  OMG It was huge!  I even got to see some lovely snow flurries.  That was an amazing experience!  I got to spend some time at my favorite water front, where you can stand in Delaware and look across the water and see New Jersey.  I got to experience one last Autumn on the beautiful east coast.  I got to spend time at a wonderful little Irish pub and get to know the sweetest bartender.  Then after the first move, I got to find another awesome Irish pub, owned by a couple from Dublin.  I got to try authentic Irish cuisine and loved it!  Yummy stuff!  I also got to discover blueberry blonde.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to learn a new little historical town and experience its beauty.  

I will miss this place that has become my home, but I don’t do well in one setting for too long anyway.  Really, home is wherever I am.  Maybe it’s because I am a Pisces, maybe it’s due to the blood flowing through my veins and my ancestors, always on the move.  Maybe it is just something inside me.  I don’t know and I suppose it really doesn’t matter.

I like roaming, moving and going.  It is who I am.  I have loved every place I have lived and I will love all the places in my future.  But I always miss those I have moved away from.  I know I will miss all of the wonderful people who have become apart of this chapter in my life and that saddens me.

I see a new horizon, a new chapter and it is one that will keep me busy and once again, on the move.  I see excitement, success, new people and people I already know.  I see smiles and laughs and very hard, yet fulfilling work.  I see a light at the end of the tunnel.  It is so close that when I reach out to it, the light cascades across my fingertips.  On Tuesday I will be walking through to the other side where my anxiety will cease and a calmness of new surroundings will flood my soul.

Change can be a good thing, if I choose to see it that way.

Thank you for reading and may you have a wonderful weekend.  x


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