A Slow Week But A New Friend

Posted: January 10, 2014 in encouragement, family, sickness

This week has been spent in ER’s and in bed.  My household has had the stomach flu and bronchitis.  A week ago Monday, my son’s fiance had to go to the ER with the stomach flu.  As the week wore on, my daughter was terribly sick with coughing and fever.  On Friday I took her to the ER, as well.  As I sat in the waiting area in the coziest ER I have ever been in, I noticed a gorgeous piece hanging on the wall.  It had little candle holders all over it.  I really need one of those for my room.  Anyway, we were only there for like twenty minutes and out came my daughter.  They said she had bronchitis and gave us three prescriptions to be filled.  So I went to the pharmacy and called the house to see if anyone else needed anything.  By that point, my son was coughing, too.  So I picked up some medicine for him.  I took my daughter home and realized the pharmacy forgot one of the prescriptions.  So I ran back up there.  And got the last one, then finally home.

By Saturday morning I was sick, too.  Bronchitis and stomach flu.  Everytime I went into a coughing fit, I threw up.  Nothing helped.  A few days in, I was still coughing and throwing up at 12:30am.  My son in law (was a medic in the army) came in and had me come to the living room with my throw up bucket, blanket and pillow and lay on the couch.  He gave me medicine for nausea, a glass of water and turned on Game of Thrones.  That is my favorite show ever right now and he is getting me caught up before the new season starts.  He read the books, so he fills me in on things the show doesn’t explain.  He sat up with me for an hour and a half, until my tummy settled and I could sleep.  My daughter picked a good one.  By the next day, he was sick, too.  I lay there in my bed and listened to all five of us coughing and thought…”This must have been what it sounded like hundreds of years ago when a house would get bronchitis.  And so many didn’t survive back then.  I hate how sick we all are and hearing all the coughs, but I love knowing we will all be okay soon.”

After that, I knew I would not need to go to the ER, which is a good thing.  My last trip to the ER back in August has left me with a 7k hospital bill.  And speaking of that bill.  I need a job.  I was finally feeling well enough to venture out to the grocery store yesterday.  So we are now stocked up on everything we need and I picked up job applications while I was out.  Now let’s just cross our fingers that I am working by this time next week.

In the midst of all this sickness and bedrest, I have made a new friend.  He lives a long way from me, but fascinates me to no end.  He is a fellow writer and even published.  We have much to talk about and he’s been wonderful to get to know during this time that I have been confined to my bed.  He has led an intriguing life, which he has written about in his published books.  I am currently reading the first one.  I will let you know when I finish it.

So in a nutshell, we have been sick, we are getting better, I got applications to try to get a job and I made a new friend.   Not too bad for slow week.

Thank you for reading and have a great week. x

And here is the link to my son’s fiance’s blog.  Check her out.  http://theotherdaughterofshe.wordpress.com/2014/01/10/heart-snatcher-and-my-addiction/

And here is my daughter’s blog.  Check her out, too.  http://victoryasite.wordpress.com/2014/01/10/he-can-really-minimize-and-zip-up-fast/


  1. Mary Crocco says:

    Hope you and your family feel better. Good luck with job hunt. 🙂

  2. AttyEve says:

    At least there was a silver lining in your cloud of yuck. Hope y’all are doing well.

  3. bknight47 says:

    I know your feeling better, a great sign. New friends are great…:)

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