Death by Chocolate

Posted: February 21, 2014 in family, sickness, writing

I suppose I will start with work.  I am a cashier by day and a writer by…all the time I have, around cashiering.  I love my job and it is at the exact place I chose to work.  I love that I get to work with such great people and I love that I get to interact (one on one) with customers.  I do not do well in large groups.  I’m a bit of an introvert.  But I do love people.  One of my customers said I look like a mermaid with my long white hair.  First time I was ever compared to that.  I thought it was sweet.  The only problem with work, is that I need more hours…desperately need more hours.  I am saving up for a plane ticket for October.  So yes, more hours…we will see.  But let’s keep our fingers crossed.  Maybe wishing hard enough can make it happen.  And this trip in October.  I have to be honest and say that it is hard to imagine it really happening.  I want it to happen but it is like a dream.  Of course, having a long distance relationship with a man who exceeds everything I have looked for in another person…is like a dream, too.  We want to see castles, ruins, the sea, Emily Bronte’s house and he wants us to do karaoke.  Now, I cannot sing.  I was asked not to return to choir in high school.  lol  It’s okay, I can write, paint and draw.  Just not sing.  I told my girls about it and they got all excited and exclaimed how fun it will be.  I said no.  I can’t sing.  They said isn’t not necessary in karaoke.  Then they asked what song we wanted to sing.  I said he wants us to sing Don’t Go Breakin My Heart.  Well, the girls broke out into song.  One sang Elton’s part and the other sang Kiki’s.  Oh dear lord.  Now they say they will teach it to me and practice it with me til I leave on my trip.  This should be interesting.

Next, writers platforms are really hard to keep up with.  Sometimes quite exhausting but always exciting.  I learned what a blog hop is, this week.  I was approached about being a part of one and explained what it is and how it works.  So that it exciting.  I learned more about podcasts.  A good friend has put me with a man who wants to do a podcast in regards to my novel.  I spoke with him and he said we need to do it a few days before the release date.  That way when people hear the podcast and want the book, they won’t have to wait too long to get it.  I heard back from my editor for the first time this week!  That was exciting, too!

Finally got all the necessary address changes made on bank accounts and credit cards and such this week.  Now to get my driver’s license taken care of.  Even though I do not have a car nor do I want one.

I enjoyed one night where I was up late writing and my son came in around midnight and asked me to watch a movie with him.  He has had a lot on his mind of late and a movie would help distract him.  So we were up til around two watching a batman movie (cartoon but really good).  Now I need to see part two.  But it’s like two hours long and we didn’t need to be up even later.  We both had work the next day.  I sure do enjoy the time I get to spend with my kiddos.

And lastly, I miss chocolate.  It was my favorite good growing up, but always made me sick.  I just didn’t know why until a few years ago.  And once a year I decide that it was a mistake and I am not really allergic to chocolate and I eat some.  Well, last night was the night.  My children quickly banned me from the box of chocolates that originally had a note on them that said, ‘up for grabs’ which meant no one claimed it and anyone could have it.  So I wanted to try all the different kinds.  Not whole ones but cut em in half and have half.  Yeah, I got sick.  My blood pressure dropped very quickly.  Started at 139/87 and in minutes was 107/59.  The rapid drop gave me such a headache, still have it today, too. There is now a new note on top of the box.  I will post a pic.   So yes, I am still allergic to chocolate, it could potentially put me in a coma and yet, I am sure we will have this conversation again next February.

So that is my week in a nutshell.  Not too exciting, but it will be fun to play photographer on Sunday.  My daughter, who is actually a real photographer need pics of herself.  So she can attempt to train me on Sunday.  It will be a fun outing to the park.

That’s enough for now.  Thank you for reading and have a great week.  x


  1. mkeyes01 says:

    Hey T-sis, I too was a chashier, checker for years, at Jewels Food Store, a CS for the floor at Walmart. In Wisconsin, Supervisor at Pick ‘N’ Save, LOL. Nice blog, I need to get on the ball myself. I don’t do it enough. Careful with that chocolate, and take your time with that trip in October. I read your account and get butterflies in my stomach for you. Soooo familiar! *Shiver* Lots of love & hugs!

    • ryterrong says:

      Again we have so much in common. You’re my sister from another mister. 😉 No worries about October. We are taking it slow. I am trying to take in all the information and listen to my head as well as my heart. I am older and wiser and a lot more careful now. I will keep you posted and I also blog about it. 😀 lots of love and hugs to you, too!

  2. bknight47 says:

    Shellfish makes me deathly sick. Please, send me your excess chocolate, I’ll send you shellfish. I hope you’re feeling better today. I guess people see different things. I thought Lord Of The Rings, first time I saw your pic…:)

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