My Baby Is a Survivor

Posted: September 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

My youngest, my baby boy turned 22 years old today at 8:20am.  My baby is no longer a baby.  My baby is a man.  When did this happen?  I remember a pregnancy where I was bed ridden for 6 months of it, just to keep him alive.  I remember a delivery where he was in danger and it took three doctors to keep him alive.  I remember bringing him home and how much trouble he had breathing.  How he would cry when I would lay him down.  I remember doing nebulizer treatments every 3 hours, day and night, to keep him alive.  I remember how he had a cold when he was 18 months old and how we propped his baby matress up on one end so he could breathe better.  And how in the middle of the night I was awaken from a deep sleep with a feeling of dread.  I ran to his room and he had found a pacifier I must have left in his crib.  He had put it in his mouth but had a stuffy nose.  My baby was blue and limp.  I took the pacifier out of his little mouth, suctioned his tiny nose and blew air into his little lungs.  He took a deep breath and I cried.

He was and is adventurous, like his Momma.  He climbed the slide on the swing set out back when he was 2 1/2 and instead of sliding down, he jumped over the side, spraining his ankle.  I asked him why he did that and his answer was…’it was the fastest way down’.  He would scale bookcases and kitchen cabinets.  Always into something, always curious, always exploring.  He is much the same even now, just like his Momma.

When my son was 8 years old we went out for pizza.  By that night he had severe vomiting and diarrhea.  I treated him myself for two days and finally took him to the doctor.  They said it was a tummy bug.  I took him back home and slept on the bathroom floor with him for a few more days and nights.  We went back to the doctor and were told to keep treating it and they gave us medications for nausea.  He couldn’t hold them down.  At one point I was in tears when he stood in the bathtum with stuff coming out both ends and he looked up at me and asked, “Momma, am I dying?”  I said, “No baby, not on my watch.”  The next morning he came in the kitchen crying and said, “I looked in the mirror and I don’t know that boy.”  I turned around to see what he was talking about.  His face was so swollen I didn’t recognize my own child.  I rushed him to the doctor and his blood pressure was 180/150.  They couldn’t figure out whey he wasn’t having a stroke and we rushed him to the hospital.  it was touch and go the first 24 hours, as they tried to figure out what was wrong with my child.  His kidneys were failing.  I lay in his bed and hold him, praying for God to take me instead.  30 minutes before they were going to put a shunt in him, he finally peed.  I don’t think I had ever been happier.  His kidneys were working again!  I cried.  After 5 days of treatments and a ton of doctors at a doctor convention weighing in on what might be wrong, they said we could go home.  At 4pm on Sunday they took out his IV and his blood pressure skyrocketed again.  They put in a new IV and after two hours, got it back down.   Finally, at 7 they let us go home.  I went to the school the next day to get all the work he had missed.  His computer teacher never got any of the kids names right, but they loved her so much no one minded.  My son’s name is Raylie.  She saw me in the office and asked how Randy was doing.  lol  I smiled and said he is much better.  She asked me something, “Did something bad happen to him yesterday around 4?”  I asked why she was asking.  She said, “I was cleaning house and felt like I needed to pray for Randy.  So I did until that uneasy feeling left me around 6.”  I had goosebumps.  I told her what happened and she hugged me.

I remember when he was 15 and he took my hand his his and I realized his hand was bigger than mine.  I smiled but teared up.  And now, my son is taking care of me, just until I move to LA in January.  I live in a house he shares with his fiance’, his sister and brother in law.

My son is a crazy intelligent being who loves movies and anime and video games.  He works full time and goes to school full time to become a financial advisor.  He is independent and spirited and has a wonderfully goofy sense of humor.  My baby is no longer a baby.  My baby is a man.  A man I am so proud to call my son.  So many times, life could have taken him away, but I think the universe knew he needed to be here.  He touches lives, he cares for others and is always quick to help.  He is generous to a fault and draws the misfits, the dreamers, the thinkers and the like.  I have said many times in this blog that my son is like his Momma.  Now that he is grown, I strive to be like my son.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week.  X

me and r


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