To my Readers: My Last 11,000 words….

Posted: November 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

I am writing about my book.  I have 11k words to go and my god…they are the hardest words to write.  Why, you ask?  You are so close to the end, you say.  Just write them and be done with it already…

Well, guess what?  If you are not a writer and you are a reader you need to know some things.  You may never ever understand them but I will do my best to explain them to you.  Do you know why?  It is because you are my friend.  You are the one I am writing for.  You are special and loved beyond measure.  You are the reason I have not finished this book and put it out there for you.  I know you will read it and fall in love with the characters.  I know you will not be able to but the book down for wanting to know what happens to them.  And you will die a bit when the book comes to an end, even though, yes, there is a sequel.  Your heart will sink and a sadness will envelop you and that breaks my heart.  Do you know why?  It is because I do not know how this book will end or the path it will take.  I dread sitting down to the computer and reading the next words that are inevitable…I dread the end, I dread the next chapter…hell, I dread the next paragraph.  Slaves lived through so many horrifying conditions.  My God, what will they experience next?  Will they escape or die?  OMG  I hate the waiting and writing to find out.

I honesty feel that I am writing the story of my ancestors.  Does that make me crazy or well intuned?  I don’t know and honestly, I don’t care.  I feel what I feel and I write what they tell me.  So one day, you all will read these words and wonder…”Are they truth or are the fiction?”  Guess what?   Odds are, they are someone’s truth.  I think it is my family’s truth but, alas, I will never know for sure.  All I can do is write what I dream and go from there.  I will finish this story, no matter how hard to see the things play out in my head.  I will see the end and I will write the sequel. It will move you and make you think.  And that is all I want.  I want the world to know what happened and I want the world to think about it.  I want YOU to know what my family experienced.  I want YOU to know what happened in 1649 and what Oliver Cromwell did to my people.  I never want my ancestry to be forgotten.

So, yes, I am still writing. And yes, It is coming along slowly.  It is quite burdensome to write about atrocities that my family experienced just so I could exist.  Now there is a thought.  What did my ancestors endure, just so one day, I could exist?

Thank you, forefathers and foremothers, for all of your sacrifices, just so one day, I could exist.  ❤

Thank you for reading.  X

  1. bknight47 says:

    Looking forward to reading your book RR/C…:)

  2. desmond says:

    you always look fantastically beautiful lol d xxxx

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