The Winds of Change Often Muss Your Hair

Posted: December 10, 2016 in Uncategorized

We all grow, we all learn, we all change.  Sometimes it is difficult for us to change. Sometimes we hold on to all the negative ways of viewing the world around us, because it is comfortable.  I’ve heard that referred to as our ‘comfort zone’.

Interesting that we would find negativity comfortable, but oftentimes we do.  It can be a scary thing to view something in a different light.  I have found that change can be good.

There are also going to be people in your life that do not like you.  Even if you love them. They will say things to you like, ‘you need help’.  Unfortunately, they don’t really want you to get help.  They just enjoy saying that to you and making you feel like something is wrong with you.  When you do finally get help, they will remove you from their life.  You were easier to deal with, when they could put you down.  Once you make changes and find your strength, you are of no use to them anymore.  And that is okay.  Hopefully, one day they get the help they need, too and decide to reach out to you.  Don’t let them deter you from making the positive changes in your life that bring out the best in you.  You will find new people entering your life.  Negativity draws negativity.  Positivity draws positivity. You will suddenly find yourself surrounded by very different people and it’s beautiful.

Here is another wonderful thing that will happen.  You will have people that have removed you from their life because they are positive and your negativity wasn’t welcome there. Now that you are positive, they recognize it and welcome you back with open arms.  They will be open to helping you stay on track with your new outlook.

I am in the process of change and some days the struggle is real.  These changes are foreign to me.  It’s much like learning a new language.  At first the words feel strange and you are concerned that you are mispronouncing them.  But over time, and with much practice, you gain confidence.  The next thing you know, you are fluent and it all comes naturally to you.  I am in this part here.  The part where some have removed me from their life and others have welcomed me back.  And all the positive people are happy to help me in my journey.  They are genuinely thrilled to see the changes that are taking place and they are patient with the slip ups.  They lovingly guide me back onto the road.

I am grateful for all of the people from my past who helped mold me into who I am, the good things and the bad things. I am grateful for the people in my present who are helping to shape the person I am becoming.  I know I will forever be changing and evolving, but I do believe I am developing my core friends.  The ones in for the long haul. The ones who will help me continue to stay grounded while exploring the ever changing world around me.  My likes will change, my tastes will change, but my heart will be strong and stay the same through it all.

Just remember that the winds of change will blow the leaves around, pushing some away and pulling others closer to you.  The winds of change often muss your hair.  But mussed hair can also be sexy.



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