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Well, this week has been interesting, to say the least.  The week started out with me in the kitchen, doing dishes and my son’s fiance in the bathroom putting on her makeup.  I can’t remember if the boys were home or not.  I suppose it wouldn’t matter, as one is married to my daughter and the other has learned the art of looking away quickly if he sees more skin than clothes out of the corner of his eye.  My daughter came traipsing through the house, clad in nothing more than her sweat pants and fuzzy socks, holding her bare breasts in her hands and yelling, “Anybody seen my bra?”  My son’s fiance came out of the bathroom and saw my daughter, then she looked at me and shook her head.  I did the same and went back to doing the dishes, as she went back to doing her make up.

I went to a museum with my son.  He had to go to complete a project for college and asked me to come along.  I used to take him when he was a kid.  So many memories came flooding back, like being banned by his teacher from assisting with student field trips.  I caused problems apparently.  First, every time you go over rail road tracks in the school bus, we all had to be quiet and raise our hand.  I thought that just applied to the kids.  I didn’t know that I couldn’t keep talking to my friend, the stay at home dad.  And at the museum, it was the first time we were ever exposed to Georgia O’Keefe.  I stood there, behind the kids, staring at a painting and thinking…that reminds me of something.  I must have looked confused, because stay at home dad leaned over and whispered…I am having deja vu’ of exiting my mother’s womb and entering the world.  That was it!  I giggled and we were scolded.  Then we came to the next painting and I swear all I could see were lady parts from that point on and the little girl in me would not stop giggling.  So, yes…banned.

Anyway, long story short about the museum.  I oooo’d and awwwww’d all over the museum, whisking my poor son from exhibit to exhibit.  I would get an inch from the sculpture or painting and take pics.  My son would whisper…mom, you’re too close, the guards are hovering.  I would just smile and shoo him away.  They never said anything to me directly.  I would rename the work things like…OMG Where are his parts? (looked like it had been broken off) or oooooo Creepy lady…or this one carving had a man holding a woman’s breast so I called it  ”well, okay then…”  My son laughed a lot at the things I would point out or say or ask, like, is that naked person a man or a woman?  He would smile when I would gasp at beauty or point out small details that left me utterly speechless.  It was an icy ride there, remnants from the ice storm, and an icy ride home.  But so very very fun.

Another time, I came in the kitchen and my daughter was standing there with her pajama shirt over her head and buttoning it up.  I asked what she was doing.  She said she was cold.  That was weird so I took a pic.  I will show you all.

Another night,  the girls were being silly in the hallway, my daughter in my son’s fiance’s lap, threatening to lick her face.  She had her pinned.  My son’s fiance was fighting her off and laughing so hard she cried.  I got another pic.

And lastly, I went on a friend date.  I haven’t been out with someone of the opposite sex (not in a relationship with) … ever.  I was so nervous.  But the kids were just plain freaked out!  I told them I would be going to dinner with a friend I met playing an online game.  I we have spent the last 6 months building this friendship.  He lives with his girlfriend and said she was fine with us going to dinner.  The kids were all…he’s not real…you met him online…he will kill you!  I tried to calm their fears.  But my son, daughter and son in law were all worried about me.  They kept saying, he will rape and murder you.  So my son took my phone and put in his number, my daughter’s number and his fiance’s number to make sure I could call them all on speed dial.  Then he would test me to make sure I knew which number was his and how to dial him using speed dial.  My daughter came to me with a switchblade and make me practice opening and closing it and had me put it in my purse.  The son in law was concerned because I don’t have my CHL anymore and therefore can’t carry a gun.  I looked at my son’s fiance and said, “Well, at least you are aren’t worried I will get raped and murdered.  What on earth is wrong with them?”  She said, “I don’t know.  I don’t worry about you getting murdered.  I worry that you will get kept in a dungeon forever.”  I just shook my head.

He showed up and the kids weren’t too obnoxious, no inquisition.  We got in his car and we were only two houses down and my daughter was sending me a text.  She sent a few more but then she calmed down a bit…I think.  Dinner went well.  Conversation was nice.  And he brought me home.  But I don’t think I am ready for friend dates.  I need more time to heal, more time to spend with my kids and more time to learn me.  And I am pretty sure this pleases my kids.  They breathe easier now.  I do have to admit, it is sweet how loved I feel by my kids.  The worry about me, the same way I worry about them.

And leaving you on a funny note, my son’t fiance lost her keys.  This is a common occurrence and my daughter always helps her find them.  But what made me laugh was my son.  He hollered at his fiance, “Did you look in your bra?  I can check there for you.”  I laughed so hard but they girls just ignored him.  He said to me, “Yeah, I say that every time.   She don’t pay any attention anymore.”

Now to get started on Game of Thrones.  My son in law put them on that stick thing that goes in my computer and makes magic appear.

Thank you for reading and have a great week!  xImageImage

My daughter’s link.  The week through her eyes.

And here is yet a third perspective by my son’s fiance.


Blogging is new for me.  I have been doing it for a little while and I have watched it morph into this and that until now.  I believe this is what my blog is meant to be.  My daughter and I are trying something new and different.  We are going to each blog about our week from each of our viewpoints.  My viewpoint is that of a parent having to move in with their children and be quite dependent on them for a while.  Her viewpoint will be from an adult child taking in their parent.  I will post a link to her blog at the bottom of mine each week, so you all can go read what the way she sees things, too.  She will start blogging next Friday.

My life has changed dramatically in the last month.  I don’t really want to talk about everything, just some things.  I have given up my independence for a while.  I had moved away from my children five years ago, from Texas to Delaware.  After hardships, misunderstandings, hurtful situations and an aching for my children, I have moved back.  The world I left is very different than the world I have reentered.   I kept in constant contact with my children while I was away, with goodnight/I love you texts each evening and phone calls and plane tickets.  But it was not the same as being able to hug them and see them.  They are now 23 and 21 years old.  My daughter has been married for five years, she got married just before I moved.  My son is now engaged.  I love their choices of mates and get along with them very well.  The mates both write and draw, too.  The four of them rent a three bedroom house together and have blessed me with the third bedroom.  I have been here just over a week.  It felt strange when I first moved in.  I didn’t know where things were and felt a bit disoriented.  But I quickly converted my room into an extension of me.  My dog is already adjusted and has a new friend in my granddogter, Cy.  It rather reminds me of the tv show New Girl.  Especially when it comes to ‘bubbles’.  I am an introvert and have my ‘bubble’ around me.  These kids do not have ‘bubbles’ nor do they see a reason for anyone else to have them.  I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and started to close the door.  My son walked up and said, “What?  We can’t see you brush your teeth?”  Now my daughter has been known to come into the bathroom and take pictures of me brushing my teeth.  But I wanted to fit in, so I left the door open.  Next thing I knew, my son and son in law were both in the bathroom behind me, talking and cutting up and I almost lost my toothpaste trying not to laugh at them.  That was very much a New Girl moment.  Always something crazy and fun going on here.  We are all artist and impulsive.  I will have to post some pics of the fun things I have experienced already.   I was awake at 1am at one point.  We are all night owls.  I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water and my son in law walks up to me in a top hat and says, “So, in regards to the railroads…”  I laughed and said, “So it’s 1880 and you are looking to build a railroad?”  He smiled.  Then my daughter walks in and says, “I don’t like your stupid beard, mustache or that obnoxious top hat.  Take it off and go shave.”  He said, “Nope…again…”  Then she proceeded to put on an eye patch and said, “Argggggg”.  I said, “Really?  You yell at him about the hat but you can wear an eye patch?”  She said, “Yup.  If he can look stupid, so can I.”  Then he took the eye patch off her and put it on himself.  I said I needed a pic of the pirate who wants to buy a railroad.  My daughter got out her phone to take one and he said, “Wait!”  He ran out of the room and then reemerged with  a weird pipe added to his appearance.  I laughed so hard.  It is like this all the time.  Here is a picture of him.  Another day I went to let the dog out and my son was playing a video game.  I looked at the big screen tv and see a man running through a city with a pig mask, wearing only boxers and carrying a big gun.  I just shook my head.  Another time, my daughter and son’s fiance’ came in my room to do the chicken dance all over my room and then they left.  one night my daughter and son in law were in the kitchen and she was laying on the floor using her labrador as a pillow.  I had to take pic but the dogs eyes glowed in it.  So I tried to take another and the dog tried to run.  My son in law grabbed her before she could go and tried to make her kiss my daughter.  That is the cutest picture.  And I think a couple of my favorite moments were separate but wonderful.  My son’s fiance’ came in and laid on my bed, with the book she is working on.  She asked my advice on a scene.  Her story is moving and forces the reader to take their mind to difficult places.  Another time was when my son in law came in and had me read the first chapter of his short story.  It is phenomenal and I hope he makes it a longer story.  I don’t read sci fi but the story really captured my imagination.

I do believe this is a positive environment for me.  I just hope I can add to the wonderment that abounds so freely here.

Thank you for reading and have a great week.  x