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We seem to live in a world full of shame if you have a different view on something.  I know people are always pushing the ‘it’s wrong to make someone feel bad for liking something you don’t like’ perspective.  And I wholeheartedly agree that it’s wrong to talk down to someone or yell at someone for liking something you don’t like or vice versa.

Here’s my problem.  I don’t hear anyone saying it’s okay to dislike something.  I no longer see people having healthy debates.  It’s all, I’m right and you’re wrong.  Or prove me wrong, jerk!  Or I am going to prove you wrong, jerk!  None of that is healthy.

We need to go back to a time when it was okay to say you don’t like something.  When it was okay to say to the other person, ‘tell me why you feel this way’.  See, by choosing to say those words, whether they like a thing or dislike a thing, you are are saying, ‘I want to get to know you better.’  We all have different likes and dislike based on our own individual experiences.  None of us have lived the exact same life.

So in conclusion, I would love to hear your likes and dislikes on different subjects.  Debate with respect, is an enlightening, beautiful thing.  Pull up a chair, talk with me, let me get to know you.  I’m not interested in changing your mind.  I’m interested in exploring it.