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Explosions in the Sky

Posted: March 29, 2014 in adventure, lightening, weather

This week has been a slow one and that is okay.  I need more hours at work to pay the bills, so I am crossing my fingers for the chance to take on a second part time position at work.  I would be able to add stocker on my resume.  The money would be so very welcomed.

The book is coming along quite slowly at the moment.  I have the scenes playing out in my head but it is taking all I have just to write this blog post.  Battling a sinus infection makes it hard to see straight and the headache…ooooof.  But it will pass, it always does.  Seems I do this every time we go from Winter to Spring and from Summer to Fall.  Seasonal allergies is what I hear them called.  So a few more days and I’ll be good to go.

The big excitement this week was our lightening storm.  No rain and no thunder.  Just wind and lightening.  I took pics that I will share.  I have already posted these on my Facebook @

So that is about it for this week.  Love my family, love my job and love my friends.

Thank you for reading and have a great week.  X