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Oh dear, where do I start?  This has been a busy week.  I suppose it started last Friday.  If you all remember, I ripped my pants open on a first date.  I really didn’t expect a second date, but much to my surprise, he did ask for one.  So we went out on Friday night.  I had a wonderful time, even though I didn’t get to see him again after that visit and before he flew back home to LA.  It was nice getting caught up and I enjoyed his company.  I was dragging on Saturday.  I didn’t get in until 5am.  Then I spent the day with family, exchanging gifts, playing with the sweetest, smartest, cutest 22 month old nephew in the whole world!

On Monday, I heard my son’s fiance throwing up.  She threw up from 5am til noon and my son took her to the ER.  They have her an IV to rehydrate her and gave her medications to settle her stomach.  She got to come home that evening.  By the next day she was no longer throwing up but had developed a chest cold.  My daughter has been sick with a cold all week and now my son is sick, too.  I am just keeping my fingers crossed that my son in law and I do not get sick, too.

New Year’s was a trip.  We spent the evening watching Kickass 2 and toasting the new year with champagne.  Of course we all clinked our glasses and after we should have been done, the boys kept saying happy new year and clinking again.  all of us girls were getting a bit annoyed.  Everytime they said happy new year and clinked their glasses, we all got ready to take a drink and then they would yell happy new year again…ugh…we finally all yelled, “stop it!”  They had to do it a couple more times though and then we finally go to drink to the new year.  We thought that was about it for the night.  I recieved a happy new year phone call and went to my room to talk.  It was quieter there.  While I was on the phone, my little dog ran to the closed door and started barking.  He was very upset.  I heard the bathroom door close.  But that isn’t unusual.  It is located in the hall, so lots of people use that bathroom and my dog never barks when they do.  Then I heard my son in law say in a very stern voice, “I have a gun.  Get out of my f*cking house!”  He repeated it a few times and then the bathroom door opened and I came out of my room to see what was going on.  I could see my son, his fiance and my daughter all standing in the kitchen looking at the front door, kind of shocked.  So I peeked around the corner and saw a white haired boy who had told my son in law….”Dude you need to calm down.  It’s just me, Nathan.”  And he left out the front door.  My son in law locked the front door and put away his gun and we all went to the living room, still in shock.  I went and checked the bathroom.  I came out and said, “Well, he had good aim.”  The kids said, “And we heard him wash his hands.”  We were all still shocked.  A man just walked into our home after midnight and went straight to the bathroom and used it and left.  Just crazy.

And a neighbor had come over a couple days before.  He said his freezer when out and he wanted to know if we had room in our freezer for his food.  He said it would just be for a couple days, until he could get a new one.  So we put his food in our freezer.  Two days later he came and got it all, then he brought us home made beef and chicken fajitas, beans, rice, shredded cheese and sodas.  And wow was it good!  It was all still hot when he brought it over, too.  That was really nice.

So this was an interesting week, full of family, precious nephews, sickness, hospitals, strangers, nice neighbors and a second date.  Another week survived.  Let’s see what his week holds.

Thank you for reading and have a great week.  xImage