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Today is blog tour day. The blog tour is where writers and authors answer questions about their writing process. My friend Blakely Bennett posted hers last week. You can check out her writing process here:

What am I working on?
I am working on my historical fiction novel, The Immoral Injustice of Talisyn O’Reilly: Ireland Still Calls My Name. It is a story that begins with the Cromwellian Conquest of Ireland and moves my protagonist into slavery in America. It’s not only a story regarding the atrocities experienced by the Irish, it also has some mystical factors added in for good measure. The release date keeps getting pushed back. I want this first book to be perfect. I am aiming for end of May.

How does my work differ from others in its genre?
I enjoy reading historical fiction and supernatural. The book I am writing has taken those two genres and mixed them up. Like the Reese’s peanut butter cup commercial. Taking two awesome things, combining them and coming up with a wonderful new product.

Why do I write what I do?

I have worked on my genealogy for 25 years in hopes of finding some Native American heritage. I found everything but Native American. I even had my DNA tested. Those test results showed so much in my heritage. Ireland being a good portion of my make up. I began to research Ireland and made many connections between its history and how my family ended up in America. After reading about many of the horrors they survived, I realized I had never heard about such things. And the world needs to know about the strength and determination of the Irish. It gave a whole new meaning to ‘the fighting Irish’. I want to share this history with the world.

How does your writing process work?

With this book it started with a dream. Three scenes came to me in dreams. The middle, end and then beginning. I am filling in the blanks now by channeling my protagonist. It is like watching a movie through her eyes. I never know from one minute to the next what will happen. And oftentimes find myself saying out loud, “Wow! I didn’t see THAT coming!” I love the writing process. It is my drug.

Thank you for reading. You can check out the writing processes for my fellow authors Edwin Berne, Ron Chapman and Mercedes Keyes next Monday, March 31st.

Next Week:

edwin berne Edwin Berne – Edwin Berne lives in Northern New England. He is the author of The Devil’s Apocalypse Book I. An active social activist promotes positive social change.

ron chapman Ron Chapman – Ok, here I go… I’m a published author at Imaginary Publishing. I like to write unimaginable stories that are dark and twisted in nature. With Kringle free from my head, next up is Scarecrow, Twisted Madness then Raggedy Ann. The full title of my first book is Kringle, a twisted christmas tale. My blog link is:

mercedes keyes Mercedes Keyes – Mercedes Keyes is an author of nineteen completed works – contemporary and historical, and currently working on number twenty. Saoirse – is an historical saga of America’s Irish Slaves. When she’s not writing, she is digging deeper and refining her 3D graphics arts and polishing up on her lessons of animation. She is a mother of three – grandmother of seven and currently separated – living in America and for once appreciating the advantages of being FREE.

Death by Chocolate

Posted: February 21, 2014 in family, sickness, writing

I suppose I will start with work.  I am a cashier by day and a writer by…all the time I have, around cashiering.  I love my job and it is at the exact place I chose to work.  I love that I get to work with such great people and I love that I get to interact (one on one) with customers.  I do not do well in large groups.  I’m a bit of an introvert.  But I do love people.  One of my customers said I look like a mermaid with my long white hair.  First time I was ever compared to that.  I thought it was sweet.  The only problem with work, is that I need more hours…desperately need more hours.  I am saving up for a plane ticket for October.  So yes, more hours…we will see.  But let’s keep our fingers crossed.  Maybe wishing hard enough can make it happen.  And this trip in October.  I have to be honest and say that it is hard to imagine it really happening.  I want it to happen but it is like a dream.  Of course, having a long distance relationship with a man who exceeds everything I have looked for in another person…is like a dream, too.  We want to see castles, ruins, the sea, Emily Bronte’s house and he wants us to do karaoke.  Now, I cannot sing.  I was asked not to return to choir in high school.  lol  It’s okay, I can write, paint and draw.  Just not sing.  I told my girls about it and they got all excited and exclaimed how fun it will be.  I said no.  I can’t sing.  They said isn’t not necessary in karaoke.  Then they asked what song we wanted to sing.  I said he wants us to sing Don’t Go Breakin My Heart.  Well, the girls broke out into song.  One sang Elton’s part and the other sang Kiki’s.  Oh dear lord.  Now they say they will teach it to me and practice it with me til I leave on my trip.  This should be interesting.

Next, writers platforms are really hard to keep up with.  Sometimes quite exhausting but always exciting.  I learned what a blog hop is, this week.  I was approached about being a part of one and explained what it is and how it works.  So that it exciting.  I learned more about podcasts.  A good friend has put me with a man who wants to do a podcast in regards to my novel.  I spoke with him and he said we need to do it a few days before the release date.  That way when people hear the podcast and want the book, they won’t have to wait too long to get it.  I heard back from my editor for the first time this week!  That was exciting, too!

Finally got all the necessary address changes made on bank accounts and credit cards and such this week.  Now to get my driver’s license taken care of.  Even though I do not have a car nor do I want one.

I enjoyed one night where I was up late writing and my son came in around midnight and asked me to watch a movie with him.  He has had a lot on his mind of late and a movie would help distract him.  So we were up til around two watching a batman movie (cartoon but really good).  Now I need to see part two.  But it’s like two hours long and we didn’t need to be up even later.  We both had work the next day.  I sure do enjoy the time I get to spend with my kiddos.

And lastly, I miss chocolate.  It was my favorite good growing up, but always made me sick.  I just didn’t know why until a few years ago.  And once a year I decide that it was a mistake and I am not really allergic to chocolate and I eat some.  Well, last night was the night.  My children quickly banned me from the box of chocolates that originally had a note on them that said, ‘up for grabs’ which meant no one claimed it and anyone could have it.  So I wanted to try all the different kinds.  Not whole ones but cut em in half and have half.  Yeah, I got sick.  My blood pressure dropped very quickly.  Started at 139/87 and in minutes was 107/59.  The rapid drop gave me such a headache, still have it today, too. There is now a new note on top of the box.  I will post a pic.   So yes, I am still allergic to chocolate, it could potentially put me in a coma and yet, I am sure we will have this conversation again next February.

So that is my week in a nutshell.  Not too exciting, but it will be fun to play photographer on Sunday.  My daughter, who is actually a real photographer need pics of herself.  So she can attempt to train me on Sunday.  It will be a fun outing to the park.

That’s enough for now.  Thank you for reading and have a great week.  x


Hello everyone.  My blog is a bit late this week, as I have been preoccupied with my new love interest and with writing my novel.

So first things first.  This has been a whirlwind of a week and I have been so happy sleep has eluded me.  I lay there in my bed and my mind spins around recalling the scenes I have written, people I have spoken with and the words my love shared with me.  My heart is just so full right now.  Friends, family and love.  What more do you need?  Well, food…and I keep forgetting to eat.  But I still love all of this.

I start my new job at Dollar Tree on Wednesday, that will pay my bills until my book is out.  I was approached by a fellow author, asking if he could possibly use one of my pictures for the cover of his book.  He may use it and he may not, but either way it was an honor that he even considered me.  I also found out this week that I have an editor.  Another fellow author and dear friend arranged that for me.  Facebook has been such a wonderful blessing.  The fantastic people I have met there have truly enriched my life and continue to do so.  I only hope I can return that for them somehow.

I went to a birthday party for my son in laws aunt and had a fabulous time there.  Good people, good food and white wine.  I am an introvert and at one point I wondered off onto the back porch and visited with people.  I even pulled a chair up and sat among them…not off to the side somewhere.  My daughter went looking for me and she came out and found me.  She said, “Well, look at you.  Socializing.  I’m so proud of you!”  lol  Then later I was sitting on the couch and the sweetest girl in the world sat on my lap and kissed me.  That’s what happens when you go to a party and drink too much.  I will post a pic.  😉

Then before we left, my son in law’s grandmother (a feisty fiery woman that I just adore) says to me, “I know a book you should write.  You should write a mystery called ‘where the hell did my right breast go?'”  Then she lifted up her shirt and showed me her mastectomy scar.  That woman is one proud survivor!  Gotta admire that!  Anyway, it was a wonderful visit like something out of a movie.  Wood floors, country music, dancing, smoking, drinking, laughing, hugging, eating and just all around a loving wonderful bunch.

And lastly, last night was crazy.  I moved away from a place where violence abounded.  gunshots, fires and stabbings in the apartment complex.  It never seemed too bad though.  I was used to it I suppose.  But now I live in another state in a nice neighborhood.  So there should not be such things.  Well, there was a whole group of teens screaming and such in the middle of the night, so we went to the window to see what was happening.  My son in law went out there to ask and I’ll be damned if a gun didn’t go off.  sigh  This stuff just follows me around.  It’s crazy.  So I will do my best to stay out of your neighborhood.  Because I’m nice that way, of course my current neighbors may argue that.

Well, that seems enough excitement for one week.  Now wish me luck on finishing the book, starting the new job and sleep.  And wish my new love luck…he’s gonna have his hands full with me.

Thank you for reading and have a great week. x


As you all know, the last two weeks have been very trying with this house filled to the brim with sickness.  The only sounds, for days, were coughs and vomiting.  But things are back to normal now and I am so grateful.

This week has been slow as we were all gaining our strength back.  I did go out and get applications for employment from a dozen places or so.  Some were hiring, some were not, but all say you can fill out an application and they will put them on file.  Who knows if they really do, but I will give it a go.  Really, I want to be a cashier.  No quotas, no pressure sales, no keeping up with food orders, just cashiering.  I need a part time job so I can keep writing my novel.

Speaking of my novel.  I am almost to the halfway mark.  And I put off a scene for the last few days, due to the nature of the scene.  The first day I tried to write it, I ended up putting finding a thousand other things that needed doing.  You see, I bought the coolest fold up table and chair set from and I will post a picture of them folded and one of them opened up.  Anyway, The word procrastinate has a ‘pro’ at the beginning for a reason. Seems I am one when it comes to procrastination. So, a couple hours ago I sat at my new table with my new chair to start writing. As I sat there I noticed the carpet could sure use some vacuuming, so I got up and started to put stuff from the floor to the bed. But then I thought, “I was sick for the last couple weeks, I really should wash my bedding.” So I stripped my bed and put it in the washer. While in the utility room I thought, “I should probably go ahead and wash my clothes while I am at it.” So I came back in the bedroom and into the closet to get the hamper. I took it to the utility room but came back to clean up the closet. I had packages in there I still need to mail for Christmas and they needed to be wrapped. So I wrapped them. And yes, I still need to mail them…again…PROcrastinator. Well after all that, I finally put stuff on the bed and vacuumed. After the floor looked so nice, I noticed the furniture needed dusting. So I dusted it and then I thought, “I need to take pictures of the table and chair, but I need to fold them first and take a pic like that.” But I couldn’t figure out how to do it. So I had to look for the directions. I found them and got it all folded and took pics and put them back together and took more pics and then I got my room put back together. Now I am plum wore out so I am resting and telling you all why I haven’t written yet. It’s because I am a pro.  So, last night I decided the scene must be done, no matter how painful.  One of my favorite child characters had to die.  It was the hardest scene I have written yet.  I cried so hard, I had trouble seeing the screen to finish.  I also listen to classical music when I write and to top off the moment, My Heart Will Go On came on Pandora and played throughout the whole end of the scene.  I was a blubbering mess who had to go get a hug from my daughter.  I was so glad she was still up.

Now as far as things getting back to normal.  I decided I needed to make some gluten free pancakes at 11:30pm.  So I was in the kitchen cooking when the kids wandered in, one by one.  At one point, my son was trying to show us all something on his phone and my son in law came in with pigtails in his hair.  He ended up chasing my son’s fiance around the island, them bumping me as I cooked and my daughter was singing How Much Is That Doggy in the Window to her dog, Cyanide.  It made me smile to see things were back to normal in our home.  I love these kids with all my heart.

And things are progressing nicely with my new friend.  He is a gem and makes me curious to see where things will go.

Okay, that’s enough for now.  Thank you for reading and have a great week.  x

Don’t forget to check out my son’s fiance’s blog.

And my daughter’s blog.



This week has been about moving, getting settled and molding young minds.  I have two moves inside of four weeks.  That in itself is exhausting.  The first of the two moves has been done.  This past week has been about a multitude of feelings, anxieties, and fears.  All of which have been accomplished.  Not sure if that is good or bad or maybe just life.  There is little worse than being blind sided with information you never knew existed, but that has happened as well.  I liken it to the saying, “when life throws you lemons…make lemonade”, but what do you do when life throws a freakin boulder at your face?  I have tossed that one around a bit and come up with a few answers.  One, you can take a sledge hammer and bust it into a thousand bits.  Two, let it take you out and pray for a quick end.  Three, duck…  Who knows what is the correct answer, I suppose it really doesn’t matter.  You see a boulder coming and in the end, you just deal with it.  We all get caught off guard, we all get knocked down.  All that matters is that we all get back up again.  Took a bit, but I got up, dusted off my britches, took a deep breath and am ready to face the next boulder or light fluffy, playful snowball…whatever life has for me…bring it.

The plus to this week was the precious little girls who were fascinated by a children’s book I wrote.  I think the best part of the experience was when one decided she wanted to write  a book, too.  So I got to ask her things like, what is on your mind?  What do you want to write a story about?  Oh, a flower?  Where does it live?  Where will it go?  Oh, dear, what happens next?  It was so wonderful to see the wheels turning in her mind and to encourage her to write.  It made my heart sing to see the excitement in her eyes as her character sprang to life in her imagination!  Only thing better than writing is teaching a child to write.  Showing a child that she can create characters, follow their adventures and put it on paper.  Amid all my own heartache, turmoil and sad surprises, this was the one thing that could make it all okay.  I am so grateful for that experience.  I honestly forgot how good teaching feels.

My goal this week is to write.  Write on my book.  My characters have waited patiently as I have cried my own river, lost sight of my goals in all my hurts and learned to smile again through a child’s excitement in a story she created.  I can do this, I will do this…for as a writer, I really have no choice but to do this.

Until next Friday, I bid you farewell.  x


You can find inspiration in any thing.  Look at the leaf I found in the parking lot today.  It told me that Mother Nature loves me.  When hurricane Irene blew in, I looked out the sliding glass door and watched in awe.  I remembered being a little girl and seeing the wind blow and finding myself in need of her presence.  I would walk outside and close my eyes and feel her wrap around me, then just as quickly, pulling away.  I would open my eyes and chase her.  As a child, I wanted her to hug me again.  As an adult, I missed feeling Mother Nature play with me.  I chose to go to her.  Walking out into the storm, the warm rain pouring over me, I opened my arms and beckoned her to accept this dance.  My eyes closed, the darkness all around, the rain washing over me, I could feel Irene pull me close and twirl me around.  She came and accept my offer.  She danced with me.  We whirled and twirled to the music made by the leaves, wind and rain.  I danced until there was nothing left of me, not one more drop of energy to share with my blessed Irene.  She eased her grip and allowed me to retreat, spent and satisfied.  I will always remember my dance with Irene.

I hadn’t really thought much about Irene since that day.  Tho today, I was out and about in a parking lot.  I saw this leaf and it made me smile, it was a message from Mother Nature, a message from Irene.  My heart warmed over and thought, “I love you, too.  We will always have that dance.”

So, just remember, you can find inspiration in any thing.  Watch for the obvious and surely you will see what I mean.

Until next Friday, I bid you farewell.  x

I have been on Facebook for a couple months now to help build my writer’s platform.  It has its advantages as well as disadvantages, its pros and its cons, its positives and its negatives.

Some of the good things are meeting other, more experienced writers.  Some are so kind and offer advice freely.  There are writers with blogs that show case new authors to help get their name out.  I have a children’s book under my real name.  A very kind couple has been featuring authors this month on their blog called Behind the Books.  I coincided my campaign on Amazon, where I listed my book for free, for five days, on Kindle.  The day the blog ran, I had people from all over the world download my book.  It was amazing!  Another positive is meeting the future readers of your books.  They love the teasers and give feedback.  That is very important to us writers.

Now, the cons.  There are a lot of people out there who have no interest in your book at all.  Some are there to run scams, so you never give out personal information.  You only talk about your book or books.  Some are there to try to pick you up.  They couldn’t care less about you as a writer.  They just want to ‘hook up’.  And boy can they be rude when you refuse to give your real name or telephone number or email address.  I have heard other writers complain of inappropriate pictures, too.  Thank goodness I have not had to experience those.  You learn to block pretty quickly.  If not, you will get a headache from the feel of being groped and mauled via the internet.  Then you gotta stop writing so you can go take a shower and wash off all the ick.  Not really, but you get what I am saying.

The other con, Facebook likes to block us from our pages.  In the writer community, we see a new writer on the scene and we want to welcome them with open arms, but if you send friend requests, you get blocked.  Facebook then wants a copy of drivers license with your picture and Facebook name on it.  Well, a lot of us have pseudonyms, so that can be real tricky to figure out.  It can get very complicated.

But in the end it is worth all the hassle to meet people just like you.  Some more experienced and others that are newer than you.  But we all help each other and understand each other in a way that only writers can comprehend.  It lets us know we are far from alone.

So there you go.  To Facebook or not to Facebook.  That is the question.  I choose to Facebook.  I have come to love my Facebook family.

Until next Friday, I bid you farewell.


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Today’s blog is simple.  It is teaser #1 out of 3, for my up and coming novel, ‘The Immoral Injustice of Talisyn O’Reilly:  Ireland Still Calls My Name’.

Until next Friday, I bid you farewell.

An 8 Foot Kangaroo In The Backseat

Posted: August 23, 2013 in dreams, writing

I don’t know about other writers, but oftentimes I dream my books.  I come from a family of “seers”.  It isn’t uncommon for one of us to “see” impending doom or dream warnings.  So when I dream, I never know just exactly what I am going to get.  When I am in the middle of writing a book, I tend to get scenes out of my story.  The story lies inside me and waits to present itself.  But other times, I just dream craziness.

One example, is the dream I had a few days ago.  I dreamed I had to transport an 8 foot kangaroo, half way across the country, in the backseat of a small car.  My cousin was there to help me.  He got in the backseat and pulled the kangaroo’s tail and I pushed the flea ridden creature from the front.  We finally got it into the backseat and I got in the front to drive.  I looked back in my rear view mirror and said to my cousin, “Bet you never thought you would be traveling half way across the country with an 8 foot kangaroo in the backseat, huh?”  He rolled his eyes at me and huffed real loud.  I actually awoke from that dream because I was laughing out loud.  That dream meant absolutely nothing and was not a scene in any book I intend to write.  Unless it is a children’s book.  Ooooo, okay, so maybe that dream was a scene from a book after all.  Okay, so that wasn’t a good example of a dream that is just pure nonsense.  But that’s okay.  I suppose all my crazy dreams could technically become books.

So back to the original thought, I dream my books.  I honestly do wonder how many others of you dream your books as well.  It makes it hard to decide if I prefer being asleep or being awake.  When I am sleeping I dream books and when I am awake, I write them.  Being a writer is the most wonderful gift in the entire world.

Happy, crazy, scary, romantic, erotic, exciting dreaming to you!

Until next Friday, I bid you farewell.

For me, the actual writing is not the problem.  It is the sitting down and putting that first word on the page.  I have a bad habit of only writing when I am in the mood.  Very little gets accomplished in that frame of mind.  I have thought of other times that I did things when I was not in the mood.  And all the things that would not have been accomplished if I had chosen not to do them, purely because I was not in the mood.  Some things that come to mind are, keeping a job, intentionally creating my children, getting them off to school, cleaning house, baking a cake for a birthday party, paying my taxes, and so on.

Some times you can do things to help put you in the mood.  Other times a nice nudge is helpful.  And still other times you just have to make yourself write.  Pure and simple….messy and difficult…you do what you gotta do.  When you go to your day job, you go regardless of your mood.  You need that paycheck.  And it is that way with writing.  If you do not do your job you will never earn that paycheck.  And really, writing is so much more than a paycheck.  It is a release of your pent up imagination, it is an expression of who you are and it moves your characters along in their life.  They all lay in wait of your ink.  They need your ink to talk to you and to tell you their story.  Your characters love you and they can’t wait to talk to you again.

So once a day, make a date with your characters.  Light some candles, put  on some soft music and let them tell you about their day, even when you are not in the mood.

Until next Friday, I bid you farewell.